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Then you should try having a classroom debate. Not only will you get your students thinking, but you will get them interacting and communicating as well. Using classroom activities like debates can also foster presentation skills, research, teamwork, and public speaking Debates tend to instantly engage students, but they can also sharpen their research and public speaking skills. No matter your reasons for using them, having debates in your classroom is a sure way to get your students thinking and talking A simple debate statement which can be understood with much explanation. While also having the ability to be expanded upon in a complex way. While there are many debate questions you can use, there are essentially three main types which are useful to employ in the classroom. Debates based on fact

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Sign in - Google Accounts - Google Classroom Classroom debate formats are those that can be easily adapted to the unique needs of the organizing teacher and participating students. One example of this is the Full-Class Debate in which the teacher divides the class into two teams that will debate a given topic Classroom debates enable students to voice their opinions. A debate provides you with an opportunity to conduct yourself in a professional manner Class Debate Topics So, we've come up with lists of 100 Class Debate Ideas 2020 that will assist you in settling on a theme topicsmill.co

Classroom debates give students the opportunity to focus solely on one side of an issue or topic. In addition to providing opportunity for research, debates develop public speaking and presentation skills. To organize a classroom debate, provide students with guidelines for topics, arguments and the courtesy required in debating a classmate Thorough planning and a clear debate rubric (marking strategy) are always great to have on hand when holding a classroom debate. In the event of having these two absent, you can always use our basic guide to holding a debate. This guide is intended for general use and you are encouraged to make adaptations where necessary

Your students have better things to debate than whether Justin Bieber is better than Harry Styles. By introducing structured, formal debate to your ESL classroom, your students will benefit with listening, speaking and critical thinking skills. They might learn a thing or two about the issue as well. Here are some simple tips to making it happen Previous Presidential Debate Comparisons-View one of the past debates from the C-SPAN Classroom Campaign 2020 site. Compare the 2020 presidential debate to the historical one you chose to view. Useful Debate Vocabulary Stating an opinion •In our opinion... •We (don't) think that •The way we see it... •If you want our honest opinion.... •According to me... According to the other side/ our opponents •As far as I'm concerned... •Our position is the following Sequencing Classroom debate activities give students with verbal, social, and auditory learning styles an opportunity to engage with content in a way that is more comfortable than working solely on paper. Some, like the four-corners debate, even play to your kinesthetic learners' needs

Debates provide excellent classroom learning opportunities. They help students learn how to think critically, express viewpoints rationally and reflect upon the views they hold. Because some students might first find debates to be dry or difficult, some teachers introduce them to the concept with games If you're writing a debate outside of class, you still might have a guide or other parameters on what you need to cover. Reread whatever books or articles you have been given and use the information from these before you start trying to find more. Sometimes, books and articles will include references to other material that you can use to find deeper or more expansive information on the.

HOWTO: Successful Classroom Debates. 1. Student-selected Topics. Debates will be much more successful and interesting for everyone involved if the participants are interested and passionate about their controversial topic. As a whole class, brainstorm potential debate topics that are suitable for the class, and try to narrow it down to a list of six or seven topics. Have students rank their. One of the most successful kinds of speaking exercises with more advanced students are debate and discussion activities. As with surveys, these can be adapted in many ways to suit a topic and a class Class Six: The Debate. During the debate: the students fill in the judging form during the debate and students can consult with a partner for help with clarification after each debate. Following the debate: the students submit the judging forms, the teacher adds up the scores and announces the winners. Also, the students hand in their argument and rebuttal speeches for which the teacher. Simplistic debate format in the classroom setting. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later Interesting Debate Topics for High School Students. You were probably aware of the debate club in high school, and maybe you were a part of it yourself! In high school, individuals are at an age group where they are starting to grasp and understand the concepts of politics, society, and how the world works. Introducing them to debate topics like these are a great way to get them intellectually.

Divide the class into two debate teams. Alternate which team delivers main points first. 10 minutes: Prep 3 minutes: Team 1 Main Points (Q1, Q2, Q3) 3 minutes: Team 2 Main Points (Q1, Q2, Q3) 2 minutes: Team 1 Rebuttal (Q1, Q2, Q3) 2 minutes: Team 2 Rebuttal (Q1, Q2, Q3) Debrief . Small Group Debate (40 minutes) Generate two debate teams of 2-5 students. *Often done multiple times per semester. By Anna Olinger Class debates teach more than just public speaking skills. They help students develop critical thinking, research and organization skills and teach the prioritization of information. Student debate has the capacity to both deeply engage the students in relevant learning, and to encourage students to be deep thinkers, said Ben Johnson, educator, administrator [

This Let's Debate Mini-Unit is intended to support 4th - 7th grade teachers and students as they prepare to participate in class debates, both as actual debaters and as stakeholder audience members.This engaging activity can be used in many subject areas, and is a great culminating task for any unit. Perfect for that upcoming teacher evaluation you may have coming up Arguing for Agency: One Student-led Classroom Debate at a Time. By Guest Author and Eric Tucker September 29, 2020. 255. 0. Series; Getting Through; Topics; Personalized Learning; Share. Tweet. Share. Pin. By: Les Lynn and Eric Tucker. Understanding the ins and outs of the COVID-19 pandemic can be difficult—information changes almost daily, and public health guidelines shift, too. For. Central Dauphin School District has adopted a hybrid learning model that includes in-classroom instruction as well as remote learning. The debate on whether to return to school or keep students. Classroom debates help students learn through friendly competition, examine controversial topics and strengthen skills in the areas of leadership, interpersonal influence, teambuilding, group problem solving, and oral presentation (Leuser, n.d., para. 1). By having students discuss and organize their points of view for one side of an argument they are able to discover new information and. Parents and teachers around the country debate heading back into the classroom Coronavirus. Tom Negovan. Posted: Sep 15, 2020 / 09:48 PM CDT | Updated: Sep 16, 2020 / 04:58 AM CDT. NEW YORK CITY (NewsNation Now) — Students and parents are joining back-to-school rallies across the country, pushing districts to ease up on remote learning and fully reopen schools. But teachers and their unions.

Sample Assignment: Hosting a Classroom Debate This is a sample assignment including complete instructions for completion and expectations for grading. In it, groups of six students have a debate on a controversial topic, developing both sides of the argument and engaging with each others' viewpoints the classroom. Debate has benefits across the curriculum3, and can give ESL/EFL4 students the communication experience that can most assist with learning in English-language classrooms. How to stage a classroom debate o Consider your purpose: What goals are most important for your class? How important will a written component be? Will you use this as an opportunity for students to research.

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  1. Are you looking for ways to liven up the discussion in your ESL classroom without having to resort to old-fashioned debate topics? If so, you're in luck! In this post, I've curated 100 controversial ESL debates that are guaranteed to get your students going. How to use these ESL Debate topics. In order to get the best out of these topics, there are a few things you should consider before.
  2. d and be perfect in debate writing. Introduction: A debate is a formal contest of argumentation in which two opposing teams de-fend and attack a given proposition. It is a persuasive manner of speaking with the aim of converting the.
  3. Host a Classroom Debate using Google Slides or PowerPoint Integrate debate lesson plans into curriculum. This technology project can be used to develop critical thinking, persuasive writing techniques, collaboration skills, and an appreciation of multiple viewpoints. Students can debate on a wide range of topics. Explore citizenship, democracy, ethics, advocacy, history, or environmental.

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  1. This is a Year 5 classroom debate in Tower Hamlets. Why debate? Debating is gaining in popularity in England's primary schools, both as an extracurricular activity and as a teaching tool in the classroom. So, if your view of debating is that belongs in public schools and elite university unions, it's time to think again. The format allows children to practise developing an argument, then.
  2. You could split the class into teams and debate one of the topics. Give each team an opinion, for example the best way to break up with someone is by text, and they have to defend that opinion even if they don't agree with it. Homework. Have students choose one of the topics raised and write an essay on it; exploring the different ways suggested and reaching a conclusion as to which is.
  3. Classroom Debate . In its ideal form, debate is a tried-and-true way to get students engaging more purposefully with their readings. Not only does it allow them to see multiple perspectives on an issue, it allows them to hear those perspectives as inhabited by their peers, and encourages them to listen more intently to each other before responding. Preparing students to have the most.

Now, they should be ready to debate. Open the topic up to the class and listen to each of the arguments made. The Secret Jar . Place an empty jar on your desk. Now, give each of your students one post-it/piece of paper. It's probably better if they are all the same colour for anonymonity. Write the debate topic on the board, such as 'Video games have a negative influence on teenagers. How the Classroom Debate Activities Work (Instructions included in download) Tell students that they are going to be participating in a series of debates with their classmates (or other classes in their grade level). Explain to them that a debate is when you look at both sides of an argument. Let them know they will be given a topic to research. They will record arguments in support of and. To find more ideas for using fairy tales in classroom debates, as well as tips for managing a classroom debate on ethics, see the complete Education World article Using Fairy Tales to Debate Ethics. Assessment Students write a brief response to any one of the questions posed in the lesson; in addition, they might draw an illustration to accompany their writing. Lesson Plan Source Education.

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  1. Debate on Internet Cannot Replace a Classroom Teacher 'The Internet cannot replace a classroom teacher'. Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion. Respected Principal, Teachers, Honourable Members of the Jury and my worthy opponents. Good morning to you all. I, Nidhi, stand before you to speak for the motion, 'the internet cannot replace a classroom teacher.
  2. We are the Noisy Classroom, helping your pupils become persuasive speakers, critical listeners, analytical thinkers and engaged citizens. We help teachers use a range of debate, discussion, dialogue, role play and enquiry as part of the Noisy Learning experience. Read our oracy manifesto. Topic of the week . This house believes it would be good to be famous 11th November 2019; Children should.
  3. How to Teach Debate. Learning how to debate helps students develop critical thinking, language, and teamwork skills. If possible, teach debate in a series of lessons over the course of several days. First, introduce the basics and provide..
  4. 15 Classroom and Online Debate and Discussion Language and Critical Thinking Activities. July 10th, 2020. Introducing a topic in the classroom can be one of the trickiest tasks for a teacher. Sometimes, it can take a a lot of experience and a lot of practice to get the icebreaker, or warm-up, or introduction to a topic just right. However, when you do get it right, you usually know that you.

Classroom debate: Should teachers have to return to campus? Some Manteca teachers return to classrooms as part of distance learning plan . Share Shares Copy Link Copy {copyShortcut} to copy Link. Translating Competitive Debate Norms to Classroom Political Conversations August 18, 2020 • Kaitlyn Maher, Senior at The Potomac School & Education and Society Program For the sixteen students in my AP history class at The Potomac School, in McLean, VA, Thursdays are highly anticipated

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  1. imal preparation and planning. There are two ways to set up the classroom debate: either invite students directly to the discussion, or create a Kialo team for students first. Teams are an easy way to coordinate a group of students on Kialo. If you want a space to share.
  2. But now the debate is more pressing than ever, as curricula increasingly incorporate technology and professors experiment with new teaching methods. On one hand, technology allows you to experiment in pedagogy, democratize the classroom and better engage students. On the other hand, some argue technology in the classroom can be distracting and even foster cheating. What does it mean to use.
  3. Debate in the classroom can take many forms, from simple to complex activities taking place in-class or online, and can be applied to a vast range of topics and disciplines, from sociology and history, to . marketing, nursing, and biotechnology (Kennedy, 2007). At its core, debate refers to the systematic presentation of opposing arguments about a specific issue (Roy & Macchiette, 2005.
  4. Using c debates in the class room you are planning your learners for the long run, where they may have to claim expertly with their co-workers. Debate is a method for learners to show how they feel and to give them the assurance that others value what they have to say. Debates are a useful tool for interesting students for classroom curriculum. In-class debates do not just educate presentation.
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  6. Classroom Debates. Introduction. The classroom debates are exercises designed to allow you to strengthen your skills in the areas of leadership, interpersonal influence, teambuilding, group problem solving, and oral presentation. Debate topics and position statements are outlined below. Groups may sign up on a first come, first served basis, by specifying both the debate topic and the position.
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A class debate can be a fun and challenging way to encourage class interaction, review vocabulary, and develop speaking fluency. With a solid lesson plan and good moderating skills, your debate will be a success, and well-appreciated by your students. Here are some tips to get you started! -Get the best training with the 250-hour TESOL Diploma!-Topic: Make it Interesting. Choose a topic that. The first big point in the tech-in-the-classroom debate is that technology is everywhere. Every person has a smartphone that's capable of accessing nearly every single bit of information known to humanity — and it fits in someone's pocket! This little electronic miracle is just one of the technological marvels that permeate everyday life, especially for young students. Televisions. 20 Topics for Debate. This page lists suggested subjects that can be discussed to practise agreeing and disagreeing in English. Here are 20 topics to discuss with a friend or group. Practise agreeing and disagreeing even if you have to argue against something you actually believe in. One way to have fun with this is to make up a bunch of cards that say agree or disagree. Each person has to. Access these resources as a member - it's free! Vice presidential candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris took part in the 2020 vice presidential debate at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Classroom audience soundboard for quizzes, debates and so on

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By allowing students to submit their work with Classroom, I can keep track of my sections, view grades easily, and mark assignments during any free time I have, without having to carry stacks of paper around. Classroom has made this process so easy and convenient. Laura Barton, Science Teacher, Fontbonne Hall Academy. Use your favorite apps with Classroom Thousands of educator-approved. One activity that you can do in your class is to have a classroom debate. This is something that can help students on a variety of levels. There are writing skills, critical thinking skills, and even speaking skills that will be tested in this type of activity. It's fairly simple to have this type of debate in your classroom as long as it's organized properly

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Divide the class into two or more groups and assign each group a side of the debate. The pro group will argue for the statement. The con group will argue against it. Explain to students that they don't need to personally agree with the statement in order to argue for it in a debate. 3. Using the clickable lyrics, have students research the topic. You may wish to hold a class discussion. In the context of a classroom, the topic for debate will be guided by the knowledge, skill, and value outcomes in the curriculum. Structure for Debate A formal debate usually involves three groups: one supporting a resolution (affirmative team), one opposing the resolution (opposing team), and those who are judging the quality of the evidence and arguments and the performance in the debate. Con Classroom, los educadores pueden crear clases, repartir deberes, calificar, enviar comentarios y tener acceso a todo desde un solo lugar. Aborda las tareas administrativas con más eficiencia Classroom, que se configura y se integra de forma sencilla con G Suite for Education, agiliza las tareas repetitivas y facilita que los profesores se concentren en lo que hacen mejor: enseñar Want to Facilitate a Debate in Your Class? In a classroom debate, a proposition is stated and students make arguments for or against it. Students must research and prepare arguments to participate in the debate effectively, they are required to think on their feet to respond to the opposing side's counterarguments, and they benefit from hearing a range of perspectives on an issue. Why should.

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Republican U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst and Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield met on Oct. 3 for their second debate of the 2020 election at WHO 13 Studios in Des Moines. The New York Times stands behind its reporting that President Donald Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017 Consider using the debate formats below for your next class debate to get kids excited about the topics they are learning and passionate about positions they might never have considered before. How to Prepare for a Class Debate. One of the best ways to prepare for a debate is to have students write out their thoughts on paper. They can either use this paper to vocalize their arguments or as a.

Classroom debate is a healthy part of high school. discourse. Because hot-button issues like gender and race were widely discussed by candidates in the last presidential race, I had to lay strong ground rules for conducting respectful and intelligent classroom discussions and debates. Encourage Fact-Checking . One of the first things I addressed was fake news. Social media's viral nature can. • Debate is an analytical process. It is persuasion through reasoning. Aristotle named 3 kinds of persuasive appeals: Ethos, Pathos, Logos. You = Logos. • Your responsibility to advance clear, supported arguments to support your side. Numbering/outlining is key. Step 4: Go with the Flow • Flowing is debate terminology for taking notes of debate interaction. • Divide your note pad. The Class Size Debate Success in Small Numbers. Lynn Winters. I know I didn't hear that right! When I was testifying before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, another educator testifying at the same hearing suggested that money should not be spent on reducing class size because his state couldn't find qualified teachers and his district's schools really didn't. 10 Pros And Cons Of A Flipped Classroom. by Mike Acedo. Many of us can recall instances in our lives where we found ourselves idly sitting in a classroom, eyes glazed over, half listening to our teacher as they lectured in front of the room. These scenes are all too familiar in today's schools, as the traditional model of learning has primarily revolved around a teacher-centered classroom.

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Black Lives Matter Sign In Middletown Classroom Ignites Debate - Middletown, NJ - This sign was hanging from a science teacher's desk at Middletown High School North this week Is the Classroom Safe? One Community's Debate to Return to School. As back-to-school season approaches, districts across the country are grappling with concerns over student and teacher safety. In. 3. Debates can be used in any subject. I think that something often overlooked about debates is their flexibility within the classroom. You can easily adapt your debate format for any subject. In math, hold debates about whether it is smarter to save money for the future or spend money now on something you really want. In reading, create a. Teachers say class sizes fluctuate at the last minute as parents debate back to school. September 14, 2020. 0. 22. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Linkedin. ReddIt. Email. Print. Tumblr. Telegram. Mix. VK. Digg. LINE. Viber. TORONTO - Teachers say last-minute uncertainties have led to rapid fluctuations in class sizes as parents weigh in on the decision to send their children. Feb 4, 2019 - Explore Christine McMahon Nebe's board Debate class ideas on Pinterest. See more ideas about Debate class, Speech and debate, Teaching

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This classroom debate outline is designed to help teachers organize effective inquiry-based classroom debates. The documents within this file gives students a step-by-step outline of what they need to include in their debate, what they need to say, and when they need to say it! Debate is an important life skill, and students will learn the foundation to an educated debate. If you're looking. Before engaging your students in a full blown classroom debate you may want to get them accustomed to discussing ideas and exchanging opinions and of course it's great for listening‏‎ and speaking‏‎ practice.. Here are a few ideas for mini debates.They are easy to hold and enjoyable for the class And now that you have a list of some funny debate topics, suggest a change in your debate class. Try to use one of these topics for a discussion next, and see the fun that unrolls. All the best and have a good class. Related Posts. Thought-provoking Debate Topics for College Students. College students need debate topics that can get them to really think, understand the topic in all its.

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The classroom debates are designed to make our students increase their teambuilding, group problem solving and oral presentation skills. Students who take part in debates are more open-minded , have sharper critical thinking skills and know how to settle disputes. They get more tolerant to the other ¶s opinions and accept opposite points of view, thus becoming more adaptable in a world of. Debate Mate Online gives you world class, dialogic teaching techniques to improve student progress and develop 21st Century skills - such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and confidence. We provide online CPD courses, an instructional resource library and expert mentoring on how to embed debate-led teaching into your curriculum. Learn More Book a Demo. Debate Mate Online gives. 3.Class 11 & 12 Best Debate Writing Topic : The Internet cannot replace a classroom teacher By admin | December 10, 2019. 0 Comment. If you are searching how to write a debate, how to start a debate, what is the debate, how to make a debate speech you are at the right place. Here we have good debate topics or students, debatable topics, debate writing format, debate examples, debate. The pundit class really, really hated the first presidential debate of the 2020 election. They hated it so much, in fact, that many of them don't want to see another one for the remainder of the. In CONGRESSIONAL DEBATE, around 18-22 students from various schools will congregate in a classroom for debate on federal legislation proposed by the students themselves. Here is a sample partial docket that could be seen in a congress chamber: School A: A Bill to Impose Sanctions on Iran School B: A Bill To Combat The HIV/AIDS Epidemic In Sub-Saharan Afric

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Debate in the Classroom - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. A detailed explanation of how to conduct a Mace debate in the classroom. This is part of a series of files which includes chairperson's flowchart, example of how a debate should be conducted, guidelines for judges, judging notes sheet and. Register: I Resolve Public Debate Series - Silicon Valley. NAUDL presents the I Resolve Public Debate Series with five league-hosted virtual events (Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Silicon Valley and Denver) Oct 21, 2020 6:00pm to 8:00pm. View All Events . Latest Post. Urban Debate Facebook . Urban Debate. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Instagram. Information. Careers; Contact Us. To avoid a pileup of one idea, establish a discussion structure that requires debate. Every student in Williams' class must respond by addressing the claims of the people before them and then provide their counterclaims. The easy part is making the claim, says Williams. They become masters when they are able to use evidence to knock out someone else's claim. 10. Go for the. The power of in-class debates. Active Learning in Higher Education, 10(3), 225-236. Lin, S. J., & Crawford, S. Y. (2007). An online debate series for first-year pharmacy students. American journal of pharmaceutical education, 71(1). Moeller, T. G. (1985). Using classroom debates in teaching developmental psychology. Teaching of Psychology, 12, 207 - 209. Omelicheva, M. Y., & Avdeyeva, O. Classroom Debate 6. Excerpt from Instructions to Peace Negotiators by President William McKinley after Spain's surrender in the Spanish-American War, 1898 The abandonment of the Western Hemisphere by Spain was an imperative necessity. In presenting that requirement, we only fulfilled a duty universally acknowledged. It involves no ungenerous reference to our recent foe, but simply a.

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Try political simulation debates. One fun way to prepare for a political future (or just interact with many other debaters) is to do a debate that simulates a real political decision making process. Do Congressional Debate. Congressional debate is a popular NSDA format that follows the conventions of the United States legislature. Ten to twenty-five debaters participate, and an elected. If you plan to do a debate in a middle level classroom, give yourself even more time than you already think is too much. My biggest mistake was that each debate, when all was said and done, was about 36 minutes long. My classes are 42 minutes. There were days when students ran very close, increasing all of our anxiety. Another aspect to consider is the size of each debate team. I went with.

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What discussion activities work in class? Tekhnologic, winner of the British Council's TeachingEnglish blog award, shares a few ideas in one of our top five articles of all time, illustrated by artist Jamie Johnson. A discussion can bring out your students' interests and motivate them; it's a chance for them to talk about the things they really care about Here is a format for a typical classroom debate: a. Based on the resolution, one team (usually two students, but can be adapted for more or less) takes the affirmative side, while the other takes. Thus, we will be holding 3 class debates over the course of the semester. Below are the directions and prompts for each of the debates. Debate Overview & Format Overview The class will be split into three groups. One group to represent each side of the argument, and one group to be the audience. The goal of each side should be to convince the audience that their system is the better choice. opinions with at least one other student in class. Do not allow discussion or debate; rather, allow students to practice sharing what they have written so that others can hear the reasons behind their positions. Part 5: Final Project (45 minutes, plus outside preparation time) 1. Invite students to choose a project from the . Handout: Global Warming Project List (see Materials Needed. CLASS DEBATE - STUDENT CHEAT SHEET. What is a definition ? The definition is a statement of what the resolution actually means. For example in the resolution Hockey is the best sport, Hockey could mean professional hockey or amateur hockey or high school hockey, and best could mean most enjoyable to watch or most enjoyable to play. In order to have a good debate both sides must be.

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Valley teacher walks away from classroom amid debate for reopening campuses Duration: 02:33 8/28/2020 Friday, Great Hearts Academies Governing Board of Directors voted 3-1 to re-open schools for. The debate over class reductionism is so caught up in fiery and emotionally charged discussions about race that these issues of economic analysis and class politics end up forgotten. I have started with these economic questions in hopes of emphasizing them, but it's perhaps unavoidable to elaborate on how they relate to race. Discussions of this question are usually entirely. Why we should stop doing debates in the classroom - And what we should do instead. December 2, 2019 NikPeachey. I think it's hard for anyone to deny that at present we live in polarized times with an increase in extreme views, extreme politics and extremism in religion. So, how do we as teachers attempt to have a positive influence and help our students to navigate this situation? One. View the latest news and breaking news today for U.S., world, weather, entertainment, politics and health at CNN.com

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LE VOCABULAIRE DU DÉBAT EN ANGLAIS B2/B2+ Astuce ! Ces listes ne sont pas exhaustives. Vous pouvez donc les compléter au fur et à mesure de vos échanges, de vos lectures, de vos trouvaille Hi,I'm Marry from Vietnam.I would like to debate with you about the topic you did choose.Could you tell me which side you debate for or against? Dec 16 2005 05:33:56. anonymous; Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises. Dear Jackfook and Anonymouse. I think you have misunderstood the point of this thread, it is not a topic debating thread, it is a Resource of articles submitted. Classroom Debate Rubric Group # _____ Name _____ Criteria Weak Average Above Average Score Content Weak or missing facts or weak elaboration Average impact of facts and position followed by smooth elaboration Strong statements of your position followed by smooth elaboration 1 Organization & Clarit

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