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Terry Stewart (tezza) talks about vintage/classic computers in his collection: The Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1: A further description of the machine can.. Le TRS-80 est une ligne de micro-ordinateurs et d' ordinateurs de poche construits par Tandy RadioShack dans les années 1980

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  1. Tandy Corporation was an American family-owned leather goods company based in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. Tandy Leather was founded in 1919 as a leather supply store and acquired a number of craft retail companies, including RadioShack in 1963. In 2000, the Tandy Corporation name was dropped and the entity became the RadioShack Corporation
  2. Depuis 1985, spécialisé dans la vente et le dépannage de matériel électronique : détecteurs de métaux, communication radio , VHF, UHF, Cibi, kits électronique, hifi, sono, light, son embarqué, outillage et mesure
  3. Tandy/Radio Shack Book:: Inside CPM - A Guide for Users and Programmers (1982)(David Cortesi) Topics: file, program, disk, bdos, directory, byte, bios, command, arc, data, data map, directory entries,... Folkscanomy: Tandy and Radio Shack Books. 2,141 2.1K. Radio Shack Engineer's Mini Notebook Op Amp IC Circuits F. Mims (1985) WW --texts. eye 2,141 favorite 4 comment 0 . Radio Shack Engineer's.
  4. Tandy/Radio Shack Handheld Games (103 listed) Radio Shack (and Tandy) made these little handheld games from ~1981 - 1992. I have obtained the Radio Shack catalogs from 1981, 1983-1991, so every U.S. game released during those 10 years is now 100% up-to-date with all information and pictures (some of which are right out of the catalogs). I've also added original price information since it's.

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Les meilleures offres pour RADIO SHACK TANDY TRS-80 color computer 2 avec Boite & Manuel sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite As they often did, Tandy/Radio Shack had the car custom manufactured so that it came with Radio Shack-specific body work, decals, box art and instructions. They also offered two varieties - blue or yellow, each on a different fixed frequency so that you could buy both and race them. And thus the Tandy/Radio Shack 4×4 Off-Roader was born. This page currently features near-mint examples.

Radio Shack Manuals. Looking for an old, out-of-print Radio Shack manual? You've come to the right place Radio Shack (Tandy, Realistic, Micronta); USA (USA) Abbreviation: radioshack: Products: Model types Summary: In den Geschäften des 1921 gegründeten Elektronik- Discounters wurden über die Jahr neben Markengeräten auch eine eigene Produktelinie unter der Bezeichnung Realistic ®, zahlreiche Zubehörteile und zuletzt auch Computertechnik vertrieben. Es gibt auch die Marke ArcherKit und.

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Geschiedenis. RadioShack werd in 1921 opgericht door de gebroeders Theodore en Milton Deutschmann, die in Boston startten met een eerste winkel en een postorderbedrijf van radio's.. In 1963 werd het overgenomen door Tandy (Technology and You), een bedrijf dat in 1919 werd opgericht door Norton Hinckley and Dave L. Tandy (1889-1966).Tandy was aanvankelijk gespecialiseerd in de verwerking van. RadioShack Corporation (formerly Tandy Corporation) (NYSE : RSH) is a chain of electronics retail stores in the United States, as well as parts of North America, Europe, South America and Africa...

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Highway by Radio Shack, Model 60-2222, Made In China, Circa 1988 (LCD Electronic Handheld Game).jpg 3,179 × 2,309; 1.25 MB. I once shopped here, but it is no more. (43192709541).jpg 4,896 × 3,264; 8.63 MB. KRZ weird phone.jpg 2,732 × 3,024; 1.22 MB. Line at a gas station, June 15, 1979.jpg 4,472 × 3,008; 1.37 MB. Little Caesars® ^ Radioshack® - panoramio.jpg 4,000 × 3,000; 2.93 MB. Log Model: Scanner AM/FM PRO-32 - Radio Shack Tandy, Realistic, Material: Modern plastics (no Bakelite or Catalin) Shape: Very small Portable or Pocket-Set (Handheld) < 8 inch. Dimensions (WHD) 187 x 75 x 45 mm / 7.4 x 3 x 1.8 inch : Notes: Frequency Coverage VHF : 30-54MHz in 5 kHz steps, Aircraft : 108-136MHz in 25kHz steps, 138-174MHz in 5kHz steps, UHF : 380-512MHz in 12.5kHz steps. Channels. Radio Shack was essentially bankrupt, but Charles Tandy saw the potential of Radio Shack and retail consumer electronics and bought the company for $300,000. Hardware Products. CTR-80A TRS-80 Computer Cassette Recorder Unknown Designed for use with the TRS-80 microcomputer. Manufacturer : Radio Shack - Tandy Type : Peripheral. TRS-80 Microcomputer System Model I (26-1003) 1977 The TRS-80 Model. Tandy & Radio Shack 1450: 1650: 1650 Fast Response: 1650L 1750L: 1850: 1900L: Ch. Companion (alt) Chess Champion 215 Trouvez Radio Shack dans Jouets et jeux | Achetez ou vendez des jeux et jouets à Québec - Lego, Transformers, trampolines, Mario, air-hockey, Fisher Price et plus sur Kijiji, le site de petites annonces no. 1 au Canada

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Radio Shack - Tandy - Company - Computing History Radio Shack - Tandy The company was started as Radio Shack in 1921 in Boston, Massachusetts, by two brothers, Theodore and Milton Deutschmann, who wanted to provide equipment for the cutting-edge field of amateur, or ham, radio The Radio Shack Tandy Armatron 1984 I think the motor is wired backwards. All controls are in reverse. Throwback toy from the 80s The Radio Shack Tandy Armatron 1984 I think the motor is wired.. May 31, 2000 - RadioShack (formerly Tandy Corporation) trades its first day under the new stock symbol RSH. November 11, 1999 - Microsoft Corp. and RadioShack announce a strategic alliance to accelerate the adoption of Web technologies and consumer connections to the Internet

Tandy/Radio Shack Book:: Basic Disk I-O Faster and Better and Other Mysteries (1983)(IJG Inc) Topics: file, disk, record, data, files, logical, basic, program, key, node, disk operating, model iii,... Folkscanomy: Tandy and Radio Shack Books. 1,366 1.4K. Tandy/Radio Shack Book: Using the TRS-80 In Your Home (1980)(Radio Shack) 1980 1980. texts. eye 1,366 favorite 1 comment 0 . Tandy/Radio. Model: Realistic DX-375 - Radio Shack Tandy, Realistic, Material: Modern plastics (no Bakelite or Catalin) Shape: Very small Portable or Pocket-Set (Handheld) < 8 inch. Dimensions (WHD) 185 x 121 x 36 mm / 7.3 x 4.8 x 1.4 inch : Notes: shortwave coverage 2300 - 6250 and 7100 - 21850 kHz; digital readout, direct keypad frequency entry, 30 memories : Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 0.5 kg / 1 lb 1.6. Radio Shack CoCo Manual: OS-9 Hi-Res Screen Dump Utilities (1984)(Tandy) Topics: shack, software, color, customer, tandy, warranty, bwsdump, radio, equipment, cgsdump, tandy... Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer Manual

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  1. Radio Shack and Tandy computers included the TRS-80 Model I from the inaugural class of 1977, the pioneering Model 100 portable, and the Tandy 1000 series, which helped bring PC clones into homes. There were several reasons why Radio Shack computers were hard to compete with in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s. Radio Shack stores used to be mainstays in small towns and big cities alike.
  2. History of Tandy As most people will already know; the Fort Worth, Texas Tandy Corporation known as RadioShack Corporation from 2000 onward became what we know today when Charles Tandy bought the Radio Shack chain in 1963. In 1973 Charles Tandy embarked on an international expansion programme of the Radio Shack store format, the first Tandy store to open was in Aartselaar, Belgium in August.
  3. Model: Realistic Flavoradio 12-166 - Radio Shack Tandy, Realistic, Material: Modern plastics (no Bakelite or Catalin) Shape: Very small Portable or Pocket-Set (Handheld) < 8 inch. Dimensions (WHD) 68 x 92 x 37 mm / 2.7 x 3.6 x 1.5 inch : Notes: Speaker specifications: Impedance=32Ohm, Input Power=0.25W. Made in Korea . Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 0.2 kg / 0 lb 7 oz (0.441 lb) Source of data.
  4. RadioShack Tandy Sales Counter All of the Radio Shack / Tandy Corporation catalogues from 1939 to 2011 are available online allowing you to zip back in time to see things you once longed for, once owned, the evoloution of technology and just how much things cost back then
  5. En anglais, on appelle « radio shack » une pièce ou un local, une cabine sur un bateau, abritant du matériel de radio [3]. L'entreprise se développe rapidement pour établir plusieurs magasins dans le nord-est des États-Unis. En 1963, Tandy Corporation achète RadioShack. Tandy avait débuté à Fort Worth, Texas, en 1919 comme fournisseur de pièces en cuir à l'usage des cordonniers [2.

November 1989 Radio Shack Tandy 1000 Christmas Commercial. Powerful enough for business! Shown during Monday night episode of Star Trek The Next Generation.. History of the Radio Shack Computers: 1921: - Radio Shack begins as a one-store retail and mail-order company catering to ham operators and electronics buffs. 1963: - Charles Tandy buys the chain of stores, and within two years turned a $4 million dollar loss into a $20 million dollar profit. 1977: August - Radio Shack announces the TRS-80 Model I microcomputer for US$600 Calculatrice VINTAGE Calculatrice TANDY EC-447 RADIO SHACK. La calculatrice de tandy ec-447 a été testée et fonctionne très bien toujours propre et en bon état a un paravent et une batterie . Utilisé Enlèvement ou Envoi. € 12,00 30 août. '20. Middelkerke 30 août. '20. KevinBrugge Middelkerke. TANDY transistor Astronaut 50 Realistic 12-9236. Pour le modèle tandy astronaut 50. Radio Shack TRS-80 Tandy 2000 (1983) CPU: 8 MHz 80186 RAM: 256K-768K Price: $2999 base (about $7,161 today, adjusted) The TRS-80 Tandy 2000 marked the end of the line for the TRS-80 brand—a.

traduction Tandy Radio Shack dans le dictionnaire Anglais - Francais de Reverso, voir aussi 'tan',tangy',tandem',tad', conjugaison, expressions idiomatique Radios; Batteries * CLEARANCE SALE * Find a Store; Your Account Your Orders; Your Addresses; Login; 0 items; The health and safety of our customers is a top priority. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak across the United States, some independently-owned locations may have temporarily closed or hours may vary from what is listed on our store finder. Thank you for shopping with us. Find stores near.

Tandy/Radio Shack release. It does not have working headlights. Worldwide: 1989: Share this: Email; Print; Like this: Like Loading... 1989 Tandy/Radio Shack Tandy/Radio Shack Wild Horse. Post navigation. Previous Post: 16 Classic Vintage R/C Tyres. Next Post: Kyosho Scorpion (1982) 24 comments squidaloopa says: September 7, 2014 at 9:42 pm Love it mate! Oh childhood memories! Still trying to. Tandy/Radio Shack Porsche 935 Turbo Tandy/Radio Shack release of this model. There were white, red or black versions, and had a revised transmitter from the other releases. The white version is the earliest and is known to have a slightly larger motor than the red version. Worldwide: 1981: White version.. Tandy Electronics (known as Radio Shack in the USA) had a fast-growing chain of stores in Australia and they would offer around 15 or so different R/C vehicles each Christmas. Walk into any store and you would see them all near the entrance, sitting atop their boxes. You could even test drive them - perfect for a budding driver selecting their first set of wheels! The range was also.

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View & download of more than 2640 Radio Shack PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Cordless Telephone, Telephone user manuals, operating guides & specification Modèle: Realistic TRC-418 21-1511 - Radio Shack Tandy, Realistic, Matière: Boitier métallique : Forme: Formes diverses décrites en notes. Dimensions (LHP) 7.75 x 1.75 x 5.5 inch / 197 x 44 x 140 mm : Remarques: Realistic TRC-418 21-1511, CB transceiver for car under-dash mounting. Priority switch for channel 9 (Emergency) & 19 (Highway info). Switchable ANL, Five-step LED signal/RF power. Achetez Tandy Corporation Tandy radio Shack Archer 75-Ohm coaxial High-isolation A/B Switch Cat. N ° 15-1249 un archer antenne/câble Switch (commutateurs One TV Ensemble entre deux sources vidéo avec matériel de montage): Amazon.fr Livraison & retours gratuits possibles (voir conditions

ROMs: DAT: Version: Auteur: ROMs: M.A.J: Miss: Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 - Model 1: 0.50: TOSEC: 5025: 31/12/04: 0: Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 - Model 3: 0.50: TOSEC. Radio Shack 1989 : Tandy 1000 HX, Tandyfax 1000, Tandy TL2... Laurentides 04-octobre-20. Supplément publicitaire Radio Shack vintage 1989 : Aubaines d'Halloween Tandy 1000 HX, Tandyfax 1000, Tandy TL2 et plus Prix : 25 $ Favori. 30,00 $. Radio Shack announced the TRS-80 (Tandy Radio Shack) at a New York City press conference on August 3, 1977. It cost $399, or $599 with a 12″ monitor and a Radio Shack tape recorder as datacassette storage. Before this, the most expensive product Radio Shack sold was a $500 stereo. The company hoped that the new computer would help Radio Shack move into higher-priced products, and improve its. Pour Radio Shack et sa gamme tandy, on aura donc droit à la tandyvision one. Le nom de 'one' peut faire se poser des questions. A priori Radio Shack désirait sortir au moins un autre modèle de tandyvision, mais il n'en sera finalement rien. On raconte qu'en voyant les erreurs commises par Mattel avec le fameux module permettant de transformer l'Intellivision en petit micro-ordinateur, Tandy. Radio Vintage Realistic MTA-8 Am/Fm de 5watts - Model: 12-689 Radio Shack/Tandy Corporation - S/N: 001436 - Testé et Fonctionnel, en Excellente Condition - Voir photos pour condition et détails - si vous ne le voyez pas sur les photos je ne l'ai pas - POUR TOUTES QUESTIONS PAR TELEPHONE SEULEMENT - 514.970.0606 - Mise de coté et Livraison disponible avec Poste Canada (a vos.

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Pascal v2.0z- Tutorial Disk (1983)(Alcor-Tandy)[DSK] 49 Ko PassGo v2.1 (1982)(Kim Watt)[Password Removal][CMD Tandy's Money Machine : How Charles Tandy Built Radio Shack into the World's Lar. $4.49. Free shipping . Radio Shack Math For The Electronics Student First Edition First Printing 1974. $15.99. Free shipping . Presidents Messages and Flyer-Side Chats : The Radio Shack Days, Paperback by... $27.98. shipping: + $15.89 shipping . Presidents Messages and Flyer-Side Chats : The Radio Shack Days. Vintage Radio Shack Clock. Tandy Corporation. Excellent Condition - Works Perfectly - Very Minor Wear. We are offering this vintage MICRONTA Clock at a low Buy-It-Now price...See our other listings where we have several interesting items up for auction...We will gladly combine shipping if you win more than one...Please check out the photos and send us an email if you have any questions.

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  1. Tandy's Money Machine : How Charles Tandy Built Radio Shack into the World's Lar. $4.49. Free shipping . Radio Shack Getting Started with Color Basic TRS 80 Color Computer Vintage 1981. $14.39. $17.99. Free shipping . Computing With The Scientific Calculator By Morton Rosenstein Radio Shack 1960's. $5.00 . shipping: + $3.80 shipping . Presidents Messages and Flyer-Side Chats : The Radio Shack.
  2. May 28, 2019 - The fruits of Radio Shack's digital loins. See more ideas about Radio shack, Tandy, Radio
  3. Check out our radio shack tandy selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops
  4. Radio Shack-Tandy. The company was started as Radio Shack in 1921 in Boston, Massachusetts, by two brothers, Theodore and Milton Deutschmann, who wanted to provide equipment for the cutting-edge field of amateur, or ham, radio. Theodore and Milton Deutschmann opened a one-store retail and mail-order operation in the heart of downtown Boston. They chose the name, Radio Shack, which was a term.
  5. The Radio Shack and Tandy Corporation Collection holds many interesting artifacts and documents from the company's history. Some of these include: Over 30 Volumes of the 'Intercom' employee newsletter, detailing company news from 1967-2000. Documents and news articles regarding one of the only privately owned subways in the world, the Leonard's M&O Subway in Fort Worth. A detailed look.
  6. TANDY RADIO SHACK TRS-80 model 1 I ordinateur console Vintage rare collection - $108.68. FOR SALE! très ancien ordinateur RADIO SHACK TRS-80 Microcomputer system Tandy Carte mère / 15282291949
  7. g language (163 pages) Desktop Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100 Basic Manual. Basic language lab (210 pages) Desktop Radio Shack TRS-80 Service Manual. Micro color.

View and Download Radio Shack Tandy 200 technical reference manual online. Tandy 200 Laptop pdf manual download. Also for: 26-3861 NOS Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Female db9 - Male db25 Serial Cable - 26-1399 . C $32.87. From United States. Buy It Now +C $31.29 shipping. OEM Flat Extender Cable for ALL Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Computer Models. C $23.65. From United States. Buy It Now +C $31.29 shipping. 1st Games Pack for Radio Shack Tandy TRS-80 Model 4/4P (21 games on 3 disks) C $32.93. From Finland. Buy It Now +C $3.95.

Condition: Used, Brand: Radio Shack Tandy, Country/Region of Manufacture: Hong Kong. See More. PicClick Insights - Tandy (Radio Shack) 1650 Computerized Portable Sensory Chess PicClick Exclusive Popularity - 681 views, 4.6 views per day, 148 days on eBay. Super high amount of views. 0 sold, 1 available. More × Popularity - Tandy (Radio Shack) 1650 Computerized Portable Sensory Chess. 681. 1980s Porsche 918 Radio Shack (Tandy) 1/16 scale remote controlled model car. £19.99 0 bids + P&P . vintage nikko rc. £45.00 0 bids + P&P . Remote Control Vintage Tandy Toy Car Radio-shack Elf Racing Boxed Original. £35.00 0 bids + P&P . Remote Control Car. £3.00 + P&P . Rare Vintage 1990 Tomy Fully Loaded R/C Herbie Remote Control Car Toy FWO VGC . £19.99 1 bid + £15.00 P&P . Picture. Tandy Radio Shack enters the magic world of computers. David Ahl. Ever since Charles Tandy's original acquisition of nine ailing Radio Shack stores in 1963, Tandy Corporation has grown like Topsy, with the 35% annual earnings growth of the computer division setting the pace for the past five years. While generally profitable, this corporate growth has not been without pain--again, with the.

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  1. Constitue une division de Tandy Corporation. Autre forme du nom : Tandy Corporation. Radio Shack. Radio Shack. Fort Worth, Tex. : œuvres (4 ressources dans data.bnf.fr) Œuvres textuelles (4) Getting started with TRS-80 Basic (1984) Benutz-Handbuch vom Disketten-System T.R.S.-80, Modell 4 (1983) Disk system owner's manual T.R.S.-80, model 4 (1983) Manuel utilisateur du système à disques T.R.
  2. Vintage Radio Shack TRS-80 Tandy Computer Ink Cartridges *26-1480A Black Qty 3. C $38.92. shipping: + C $5.29 shipping . Amiga 500 Raspberry pi, retopie +licensed kickstart, WB & thousands of Games. C $171.11. shipping: + C $26.51 shipping. Popular . Vtg 1983 Radio Shack TRS-80 Modem IB 26-1175 User Guide Owner Manual Instruction . C $12.64. C $21.06. shipping: + C $6.43 shipping . 13 Ghosts.
  3. The Average Radio Shack STILL Has 14 NEW copies on their shelves where they have sat since they arrived six years ago. Marked down to $1.99 from $19.99 Look for the Sequal: Tandy is Radio Shack, Radio Shack is Tandy - How Leonard Roberts Saved Radio Shack/Tandy from Diversifing itself into Oblivion. Now that the company is back on the right track, You will have to look for this title here at.
  4. Radio shack Tandy 200 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Radio shack Tandy 200 Technical Reference Manua
  5. Kastar 2.4V 1600mAh Rechargeable Cordless Ni-MH Battery Replacement for Radio Shack/Tandy 23272, 23-272, 433520, 43-3520, Panasonic HHR-P546A KX-TGA420B Home Phone. 4.7 out of 5 stars 5. $6.89 $ 6. 89. Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 16. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. More Buying Choices $6.12 (3 new offers) SPS Brand 2.4V 650mAh Replacement Battery for Radio Shack 23930 (4.

Vintage Tandy Radio Shack. Revopowaaa-Traxxas EVX VXL MXL XL Latrax-français E-Revo Summit Slash :: Divers :: Vos autres RC ou engins de modelisme. Aureli1. Modo SpotMan Revoiste Jediwaaa. Nombre de messages: 5331 Age: 41 Localisation: Paris. Date d'inscription : 13/02/2008. (A better scan of this has been made available by Andrew Benoit, here - I recommend it over my own.) Click here to download the 43MB tar.gz of this entire 180-page manual. Here are some key pages describing how to go about wiring up, using, and programming this little machine Aug 27, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Stéphane Richard. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres RadioShack. 2.6M likes. Since 1921, generations of makers have connected over the belief that fixing something is better than buying it new. We have the tools, parts, and DIY guides you need to get..

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What is the abbreviation for Tandy Radio Shack? What does TRS stand for? TRS abbreviation stands for Tandy Radio Shack Tandy Radio Shack Vintage Battery Powered Computer Truck w Box etc READ. £16.99 + P&P ♟Chess Set and Board Wooden♟ Vintage Big Board 47.5cm Big Pieces + Box +Checkers. £79.00. P&P: + £29.00 P&P . Tandy Radio Shack Super Burst TOY Rifle 3 Sounds and Pulsating Lights. £19.99 + P&P . Portable Magnetic Folding Chess Board Set High Quality Games Camping Travel * £10.55. P&P: + £2.99 P&P.

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With the huge popularity of 1/10 scale off road buggies in the mid-1980s, it was only a matter of time before Tandy / Radio Shack stores released something to compete (at least for the hearts and minds of children) with the popularity of brands like Tamiya and others. And so they released their finest R/C car to date - the Golden Arrow Buggy. In 1987, 1/10 hobby-grade R/C buggies had already. All Things Tandy Radio Shack has 2,382 members. Here you will find everything & anything about Radio Shack. If you had a experience with Radio Shack please share it with us, good or bad. Talk about the decline of the Shack. Talk about how great it was before the internet. Your free to post what ever you want that has to do with RS 1977 Tandy Radio Shack SCIENCE FAIR Digital Computer Kit Built Battery 28-218, Fabriqué au Japon DownMemoryLaneStore. De la boutique DownMemoryLaneStore. 5 étoiles sur 5 (1) 1 avis. 20,00 CA$ Favori Ajouter à Vintage Radio Shack Two Player Pro League Baseball Handheld Electronic Game-WORKS!. Vintage Radio Shack TRS-80 Tandy Computer Ink Cartridges *26-1480A Black Qty 3. C $38.92. shipping: + C $5.29 shipping . PCB Circuit Board Holder Soldering Platform Universal Adjustable Repair Clamp. C $7.99. Free shipping . 13 Ghosts Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 4 Computer Game Floppy Disk 1983 Complete Vtg. C $79.57 . C $99.47 + shipping . Vintage Level I II BASIC Reference Manual Radio Shack.

What is the abbreviation for Tandy-Radio Shack? What does TRS stand for? TRS abbreviation stands for Tandy-Radio Shack [MICRO 8 BIT] TANDY RADIO SHACK : TRS-80, COCO & Cie Publié le 25 février 2008 par Dr Floyd. Fondé en 1919 la firme familiale Tandy n'a au départ aucun lien avec l'informatique, en effet ils fabriquent... des souliers et accessoires en cuir ! Dans les années 60 ils se diversifient et rachètent Radio Shack, une chaîne de magasins high-tech (hifi, vidéo, radio CB). Les affaires. Vintage Radio Shack Tandy Corp. DUSTBOT 1985 Robot Dustpan Broom Cat. No.60-2556. Pre-Owned. C $139.84. Top Rated Seller. Was: Previous Price C $166.47 16% off. From United States. or Best Offer. Customs services and international tracking provided. Talking Robie Robot Radio Shack Vintage 80s No Remote Main Unit Only Powers On. Pre-Owned. C $93.03. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. VINTAGE TANDY. Sujet: Re: Radio Shack/Tandy Corporation Champion 2150L Mer 24 Mai 2017 - 17:30 _____ JcD Ἀδάμας 13-4-13 ~ ~ Radio Shack/Tandy Corporation Champion 2150L : Page 1 sur 1: Permission de ce forum: Vous pouvez répondre aux sujets dans ce forum: Chess Books.

Vintage 1980'S Zoids Mammoth Kit - 60-1066 - Radio Shack Tandy TreasuresMemories. De la boutique TreasuresMemories. 5 étoiles sur 5 (263) 263 avis. 35,50 €. In 1963, Tandy acquired Radio Shack in Boston, which was founded in 1921 to serve the ham radio market. By the 1960s, Radio Shack was floundering. In 1977, the company introduced one of the first personal computers, the TRS-80 Model I, and more than 200,000 were sold in four years. Tandy's Model 100 and 200 lightweight portables were also the inspiration for the laptop generation. Its first. TANDY - RADIO SHACK 1650 Fast Response Time. Fabriqué à Hong Kong par SciSys en 1987 pour Radio Shack, une division de Tandy Corporation. Il a été vendu en France sous la Marque TANDY. Développé par Kaare Danielsens. Dans la forme il ressemble beaucoup au Scisys Concord II. Avec un compartiment à piles astucieux mais peu solide. J'ai acheté cette machine en 2010 et j'ai joué quelques. New listing 1st Games Pack for Radio Shack Tandy TRS-80 Model 4/4P (21 games on 3 disks) C $33.95; Buy It Now +C $4.07 shipping; From Finland; VINTAGE RADIO SHACK 64K TANDY TRS-80 COLOR COMPUTER 2 KEYBOARD ORIGINAL BOX GAME. C $679.09; or Best Offer; Calculate Shipping ; From United States; Customs services and international tracking provided . Portable Disk Drive 2 for Radio Shack TRS-80. * TESTÉ * MONKEY SEE CALCULATOR w/ BOX handheld electronic vintage game TANDY MONKEY SEE CALCULATOR with original box handheld electronic vintage game by TANDY - Radio Shack Colors on cover of the game are very clean TESTED - works perfectly original box only in acceptable condition instruction booklet only in good condition, torn in the mood of Little Professor by Texas Instruments.

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Tandy Radio Shack Limited | 19 abonnés sur LinkedIn | Tandy Radio Shack Limited is a consumer goods company based out of Rm 1407-1411 14/F World Commerce Ctr Harbour City, TSIM SHA TSUI, Kowloon, Hong Kong TRSDOS v2.8DD (1982)(Tandy)[Radio Shack Adapter][DMK] 89 Ko TRSDOS v2.x to v2.3b Converter (19xx)(Tandy)[CMD] 742 o TRSDOS v3.0 (1979)(Tandy)[DSK] 44 Ko TRSLINK Reader v2.7 (19xx)(Luis Garcia-Barrio)[CMD] 8 Ko TRSMATH-80 v1.0 (19xx)(Microsoft)[MuMath][CMD]. Up for sale is a Radio Shack Camaro 49 Tandy Red Radio Controlled Race Car Chevrolet with Box Only. P lease see pictures linked above for a detailed description. We never use stock photos like most Bulk Sellers. Please contact through Ebay messages if you have any questions. SHIPPING -INTERNATIONAL BUYERS- PLEASE CONTACT FIRST FOR SHIPPING COSTS BEFORE BUYING. Shipping can take 3-12 Weeks to.

Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III Microcomputer | nIGHTFALLVintage 80&#39;s Stuffed Animal Radio Plush Chow Dog AM FM

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Tandy Corp. Radio Shack Realistic Manufacturer Part Number Tandy Corp. Radio Shack Realistic Supertape Type I Super High Fidelity XR-60 Extended Range Premium Ferric Blank Audio Cassette Cat. No. 44-921 Additional Information. ASIN B004US3GLS Best Sellers Rank #1,238,284 in Cell Phones & Accessories (See Top 100 in Cell Phones & Accessories) #744,778 in Cell Phone Accessories: Date First. For Radio Shack A Division Of Tandy Corporation. stamp album lovers, in imitation of you obsession a further cd to read, find the safehouse burglar alarm center owners manual catalogue no 49 450a 1983 original printed in korea for radio shack a division of tandy corporation here. Never bother not to find what you need. Is the PDF your needed. Audio & Video Tandy Corporation Radio Shack Realistic Pocketvision 22 Portable Television Cat. No. 16-159B $ 50.0

Tandy Pocket Computer - WikipediaGolden Age of TRS-80: A Look Back at RadioShack ComputersI&#39;m a CoCo Nut – The one-stop shop for all your Tandy
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